"We were forced into a room together for a chemistry test because the director wanted to get a feel for how we would get on, but there had been so many near attempts of us meeting and working together before, and we have so many mutual friends, that it felt right immediately.”

an infinite list of ladies i love » nina dobrev

Hi! You do an awesome arts!! I like your work soooooooo much! Do you watch 'the flash'? It will ba amazing if you could do something pretty with detective eddie thawne .) He is awesone sexy blond)

uhhhh!! I have not watched any episode of this show, but I intend to watch. Maybe I do something when watching. And thank you for the compliments, it means a lot to me! :)

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I’m in love with Travis Maddox in “Walking Disaster” <3<3

I want him

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Theo James 

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'The Vampire Diaries' Cast | Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Portraits

Get To Know: Lily Collins. (insp)

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I don`t need to be fixed. I can`t be fixed.

I’m done getting pushed around by all of you.

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Nina Dobrev - EW Comic-Con Portraits